a poem about the making of saints

The crowning achievement of manifold wisdom is a course of life complete, a cycle closed & faithful souls sealed with victor’s crowns

In the heavens, ten thousand halos glisten in the watery eye of a refining fire — iron lives becoming golden rings to dress the crowns of wise kings

Ten thousand such rings form a necklace of myriad souls

The Divine refiner rules from above with uniform Wisdom as his queen & converts this chain of souls into a garland of ten thousand unfading lights

Ten thousand souls chained to temporal being are freed through their becoming an everlasting token of sacred love — a token given by a heavenly king to a heavenly queen who orders the hearts of every wise earthly king

The Divine tyrant, the chief Man, is refined by his baptism of passion & becomes three things: a benevolent king, a father to saints & husband to the Woman Clothed in the Sun

Wisdom is the call to be transformed through the fire of passion — the pain of suffering through love. The will to give oneself away for something True transforms us sinners & tyrants into saints, kings & servants of Goodness & Wisdom.